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Paiardini Tino s.r.l. performs precision machining and assembly of units, supporting its customers both in finding the ideal technical solution in terms of cost and quality, and developing technical products from scratch.

In addition, the company ensures timeliness, safety inventory agreed with the customer, controlled management of the KANBAN supply with consequent lowering of the customer's warehouse costs, even up to 50%, and flexible order changes, production mix and delivery dates.

Specialised personnel access the client portal and enter the orders based on the customer's actual needs in accordance with the supply agreements, and to obtain all the documents related to the orders, such as drawings and/or supply specifications.

At Paiardini Tino we develop weekly delivery plans by processing the information received daily or weekly from the customer, provided through scheduling plans with consolidated and forecast needs. Based on the forecast needs, we select the best solution to guarantee the required supply.

We manage the flow of supply and sales through the use of the KanbanBox platform.

We have a Workshop Technical Office with specialized staff that can design the best technical solutions for the manufacturing of the components requested by our customers.

Our supplies can be integrated with all the certificates of the production process, from the raw material to the thermal or surface treatments requested.


We supply test certificates containing the statistical checks that we perform.

We manage the supply as a prime contractor, taking care of all the activities necessary to supply the finished component in all its parts.

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