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Paiardini Tino s.r.l. is specialised in milling operations of medium-large batches. The company has numerous machining workcentres that are dedicated to horizontal and vertical milling (with 4 and 5 axes), numerically controlled, equipped with sophisticated control systems and supported by CAD and CAM software. The company can mill components of a maximum dimensions of 600X600 mm for a maximum height of 800 mm. The milling technologies adopted by our machining workcentres, the continuous investments, and the experience gained over the years by our personnel, allow us to meet the most specific and particular needs of our clients.

In particular, the machinery and technologies used are as follows:

  • Bridgeport XR-1000 vertical CNC centre + Nikken 4th axis
  • Qty. 3 Chiron FZ12W vertical CNC centres +4th axis with pallet exchanger
  • Okuma MU-400 5-axis vertical CNC centre
  • Qty. 2 Mazak FH-5800 horizontal CNC centres
  • Mazak Nexus 5000-III horizontal CNE centre
  • Qty. 2 Mazak HCN-5000 horizontal CNC centres 

The Paiardini company carries out turned bar and secondary turning processes. Our technologies allow us to machine diameters from 4 mm to 70 mm for turned bar and diameters from 40 mm to 300 mm for secondary turning. We work with technological machines of high quality and performance, we can provide secondary machining using robotic units and we have multitasking turning centres.

In particular, the machinery and technologies used are as follows:

  • Okuma LB9 CNC lathe with IEMCA loader
  • Robotised Okuma LB9 CNC lathe
  • Okuma LB15 CNC lathe
  • Qty. 2  Motorised Okuma LB200-M CNC lathes with  IEMCA loader
  • Motorised Okuma LB10-M CNC lathe with IEMCA loader
  • Motorised Okuma LB300-MYW CNC lathe +  Y-axis+counter-spindle with LNS loader
  • Motorised Okuma LB3000-MYW800 CNC lathe +  Y-axis+counter-spindle with IEMCA loader
  • Multitasking Okuma Multus B300-W CNC lathe  +counter-spindle with LNS loader
  • Motorised Mori Seiki ZL203 CNC lathe + counter-spindle + double turret with TOP loader
  • Motorised Mazak SQT200MS CNC lathe + counter-spindle with IEMCA loader
  • Motorised Proteo TL42 CNC lathe + y-axis+counter-spindle with IEMCA loader
  • Star SV-38R sliding head with IEMCA loader
  • Star SW-20 sliding head
  • Multitasking Mazak Integrex I-200ST lathe+counter-spindle + robotised turret
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