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We invest in the training of our employees and the appropriate machinery to guarantee our customers the best product for the best price. Process controls, supplies accompanied by PPAP, certificates that guarantee monitoring of the entire supply chain, from the materials to the required heat and surface treatments as well as the test certificates with the process statistical controls (cp and cpk) are the basis to provide our customers with services to complete the requested supply. 

Paiardini Tino srl has always been committed to provide its customers with quality products, by investing in human resources, in control and testing equipment, in customer relations and in the continuous improvement of the Quality System itself. For this reason, quality checks are performed upon arrival of purchased materials and during the manufacturing stages, as well as on the finished sample product.

The company has a quality control laboratory, equipped with tools, including:

1 Dea Global automatic three-dimensional control machine 09.12.08 by Hexagon
1 Ares three-dimensional control machine 10.7.5 by Coord 3
2 Altimeters LH-600B by Mitutoyo
1 Measuring Projector PH-3500 by Mitutoyo
1 R130 Roughness Meter by Innovatest
1 RAS Durometer by AIPA

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